Therapy helps alleviate suffering and involves working in tandem with a therapist to better understand the reasons behind why we might behave and feel as we do. This can be in response to longstanding issues or related to a recent crisis. Psychodynamic therapy places an emphasis on unconscious thought processes and considers how the past may be impacting on the present day, particularly when it comes to repeated patterns of behaviour.

By understanding these thoughts and allowing a space for difficult feelings, therapy can better equip the individual, enabling them to move positively into the future.

Therapy can help with

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • loss
  • relationship issues
  • divorce
  • feelings of isolation
  • stress
  • panic attacks
  • insomnia
  • childhood abuse
  • concerns around sexual identity
  • infertility
  • risk-taking behaviours
  • not being able to control anger
  • trauma
  • self harm
  • eating disorders
  • suicidal thoughts